Big Bucks in Billiards
By: Tanner Vugteveen


      Another big billiards tournament was finished yesterday, and man was it a good one. Fifteen men entered hoping to win the $10,000 dollar prize, but only one came out on top. Willie Hopre was the winner. This was only he 2nd victory since the 1860 when the 1st intercollegiate billiards match was played.

He was so excited about the victory and ready to celebrate that he did not have

time for an interview. Note that there have been rumors about an American Billiards Association will organize.

Billiards tables have been increasing in restaurants and taverns. It is starting to merge with the ever so popular horse racing. If you go to bet on horses, you will find a billiards table. The name is starting to be called by the name of “pool.” So sit down, and play some billiards, you might just win $10,000.