Civil War Foods
By: Jamie Egan

  If you decide you want to fight for the Confederate Army, you should think about the foods that are served. How does raw meat sound? How about some bacon? And for dessert you can finish off with an apple pie with a few apple slices with barely any sugar.

The only good dessert you will find in the south would be a Johnny Cake, a form of corn bread. When fighting in a battle, ever think about the foods that are served? Since you can't call a “Time Out” in the battle,soldiers are provided with a meal known as “Hard Tack”, a form of dough, which is hardened,so it is able to be preserved.

From hearing about all those foods, you probably want something to drink, right? Well one main thing you could have for free was water. You get the water from streams and rivers, but there is no guarantee it's clean. Soldiers carry their water in small canteens and refill whenever.

How about some coffee to wake you up? The coffee was made from little coffee beans and heated water over a fire. If you needed or wanted milk, you would have had to go to a farm at night and steal it from cows, though it is prohibited. Maybe some tea, made from water and a small amount of tea plant. An officer or high ranking in the army, can drink rum. Doesn’t that food make you so hungry?