War Advantages
By: Zachary Mayers

The South

      The South's main strategy was simply to prevent the North from gaining territory. The Civil War was mostly hill battles. By hill battles I mean If the North had control of a hill, the South would attack that hill to try to gain more territory. You loose a hill gain a hill.     
    With more territory the south would have a better advantage. Some of the Souths Main strategies were they were on there home turf. The “Common Man” was a better fighter. They had better generals. Men had better training. They knew how to ride horses and shot guns. Although this really did not end up helping them in the war due to all the new gun technology coming out.

The North

      The North had several strategies, but the one that finally worked was the Anaconda Plan. The plan was to surround the South through the Mississippi River and the coast and work their way in and find General Lee. Some of there advantages for victory in the war was they had a larger population and a huge industry growth. They could produce more finished goods such as weapons and other supplies. There was more money in the North. 
    The states in the Union had an easier time recognizing a government so organizing the army was easier, Lincoln's leadership was better recognized. The North also had a better developed system of roads and railroads. This made it easier for them to receive supplies and more advanced weapons.