Hats:     When going to vissit your sister or family, your attire must be a hat with flowers or feathers.  Also with ribbons around the middle of the hat. And the ribbon the same complimentary color hanging arounf or tied on your neck. 
    Gloves:     Gloves are the asset that makes the dress seem more delicate. They should be lase, or silk with bows. Or a flower design inboard in the material. the length should  be from the wrist, to the elbow, but never above the elbow. 
    Dresses:  Your dress must be ankle length with ribbons, and flowers. Your dress that you wear to a party must be longer then your dress taht you wear to your sister's.   Never have a dress that touches the ground!  Always have your hand bag with you at all times. And lastly, make sure your dress is fresh out of your closet, so that it is clean for the party!